Does Sonny's No.7 Work For Urine Tests?


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There are numerous products on the market that claim they can quickly clean various drugs out of a person's body. However, none of these have any real scientific evidence to back up their claims.

They cannot clean your system quickly or work as a masking drug. Modern urine tests can detect the use of these covering agents.

Sonny's number 7
Your body will naturally clean itself of any illegal substance that you may have taken. The time this takes will depend on your weight, age and gender - together with the amount you have taken and your rate of metabolism.

  • The most commonly-deployed drug test is urine screening. Depending on the type of drug you have been taking, this method of testing can detect drug use for up to a month.
  • Blood testing is also used regularly, and these tests can normally find traces of drug use up to twenty-four hours after they were used.
  • Mouth swabs look for drug traces in a person's saliva. This form of testing is normally accurate within ten days of the last drug usage.
  • Hair follicle screenings are undertaken when drug use needs to be established over a longer period of time. This form of testing can find traces of drugs for up to three months after they were last used.

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