What Is The Best Way To Smoke Weed And Still Pass A Urine Test?


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If you are female this can be done by filling a condom with clean urine and putting the condom in your vagina (this way it will be body temp)also pin a safety pin somewhere on your clothes so that you can easily tear the condom. You can't flush the toilet during a drug test so wrap the condom in toilet paper, put it inside your bra and you just passed! If you are male they sell a rubber penis that has a compartment for clean urine and it also holds the urine at body temp. Otherwise gentlemen just heat the urine very warm before putting it in the condom, put warm condom in your armpit (on the way to test keep in Thermos) use a safety pin to tear condom and you too have passed!! YOU MUST STUDY FOR YOUR TEST BOYS & GIRLS!!!
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Other than using someone else's urine, you can't smoke weed & pass a urine test.. Unless you get very lucky. I once smoked & had a clean urine 2 days later.. So it's possible.

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