How Long Does Opana Stay In Your System?


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Opana is a very potent semi-synthetic opioid analgesic which is derived from morphine. It has an average half-life of between seven and nine hours, although it may be more or less in some people depending on their age, size and build.
Opana comes in two formulations, Opana and Opana ER. Opana ER can be taken every 12 hours and is used for moderate to severe chronic pain. It is not to be used for people with acute pain or to be taken as needed. Like most extended release opioids including OxyContin, MS Contin and Kadian Opana ER is taken twice daily, usually every 12 hours, to provide continuous around-the-clock pain control.
Taking Opana ER once daily is not appropriate and may aggravate problems, cause significantly more break through pain, insomnia, and in people who are physically dependent on opioids may experience withdrawal with only one dose. It is worth mentioning that physical dependency alone is not addiction, it is a behaviour. However physical dependency does commonly occur in opioid addicts.
Opana ER is available in a wide range of doses, 5,7,5,10,15,20,30 and 40 milligram tablets. Regular Opana is only available in five and 10 mg tablets. When using regularly the effects of Opana if taken by mouth usually last between four and six hours.
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For a urine test, it will be out of your body wiithin approximately 48 to 72 hours.tsk tsk tsk lol coke goes outa your system by same time. Opana sucks.
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It is an opiate and can stay in system for 1-6 days. Most probably, you will pass the drug test 9 days later.
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Traces can be detected up to 6 months now
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With the modern day drug analysis testing methods, any drug can be detected for up to 6 months after usage no matter what you do

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