I Smoke, Can I Fool The Life Insurance Blood And Urine Test?


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Even if you could, you don't want to. If you die within the 2 year contestability period...the life insurance company can contest your entire application because you lied about not smoking. So there is no point in trying to fool the company, when your family can pay the ultimate price by losing you and the life insurance money that they need.

Many life insurance companies offer reconsideration, after a period of time if you quit smoking, they may offer you a reconsideration of rating...essentially paying for non-smoker rates. Usually a few years after you quit smoking.

I know this because I work in the life insurance industry. So please don't give the insurance companies a reason to deny a claim!
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Nope, you can't fake the medical reports and hence, it's better to reveal the truth to the insurance companies. Most Life Insurance providers conduct their own medical examinations and medical reports will surely reveal whether you smoke or not. You cannot affect the medical reports as they will be provided by a healthcare provider who will have a tie-up with the insurance company.

Also, if the insurance company finds out that you had lied about your smoking habit in the registration form, they may deny the insurance as well.

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I've read that Nicotine is detectable in blood & urine for 2-4 days. If you could go at least 4 days without smoking, you have a chance of passing if this is true. There's really no way to fool a test.
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